Micro Brewery Start Up Consultancy

If you have long dreamt of starting your own micro-brewery, now is a good time. The taste for new beers and ales continues to grow and new breweries are springing up all over the country to satisfy this need.

It had long been my dream to have my own Micro Brewery and so, In 2017, I founded Appleby Brewery (www.applebybrewery.co.uk). Drawing upon my Marketing and Branding skills and experience, we established four brands initially (Midlife Crisis IPA, Senior Moment Ale, Middle-Aged Spread (because it is Stout) and Haweswater Blonde Golden Ale.

The experience of setting up from scratch was immensely rewarding, but not without difficulties. We were able to establish our brands up in Cumbria and won contracts to supply local pubs, as well as supermarkets like Booths Supermarkets and the local Co-Ops.

Having “been there, done it, eaten the pizza and bought the T-shirt” we are able to offer first hand pragmatic advice and consultancy to anyone wishing to make setting up a Micro-Brewery their dream

We can offer help and advice on

Finding premises

Sourcing kit

Recipe development

Branding advice (including Social Media)

Marketing Advice

Give us an email to see how we might help your Micro Brewery dreams come true.