Money Matters Workshop

Money Matters

This is a highly interactive training workshop designed to give non-financial managers a solid grounding in the principles of finance and how it relates to them. It is based on a team-based board game which we have deigned from scratch where teams compete with each of other in a marketplace. Their success (or otherwise) is recorded and financial statements are prepared. As a consequence, delegates are able to easily see and draw a link between their actions and the financial statements.

This is a board game, there is no computer ‘Black Box’, every consequence of the decisions each team makes is mapped clearly on their boards and they transpose this directly to their financial statements.

Delegates learn in a fun (but competitive!) environment the direct effect of their actions on the financial statements and how they can make strategic decisions to alter their financial outcomes.

This is ideal for Managers and staff who need greater awareness of money and the organisation’s finances and how they work.

By the end of this workshop

Delegates will understand their organisations Financial statements and will realise their contribution to it. They will be able to read Balance sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts and will be able to make clear decisions on how they impact both.

Who would benefit from this training?

Managers and others who are not financial experts but who would benefit from a better understanding of corporate finance and how they can impact it.

Day 1
 Module 1 – Business Basics
Introduction & Welcome
Finance basics
Profit & Loss Accounts
Balance Sheets
Working Capital
Introduction to the simulation
Month 1
Month 2 
 Module 2 – Looking forward
Price setting
Fixed & Variable costs
Breakeven Analyses
The Market 1
Cash Flow Forecasting
Publish P&LMonth 3
Sales Forecast
MarketMonth 4
Sales Forecast
Working Capital
Share Price 1 

Day 2

Module 3 – Strategies for value creation

Financial Ratios
Acid Test
Return on Sales (ROS)
Return on Net Assets (RONA)
Gross Profit
Strategies for success,
Cost Leadership & Differentiation
Month 5 (Cost Leader or Differentiation?)
Sales Forecast &MarketMonth 6
Sales Forecast& Market
Month 7
Sales Forecast& Market
Month 8
Sales Forecast& Market 

Module 4 – How I create Value
How I affect RONA
Action Plans,
what will I do starting tomorrow?
Where do I make a difference?
Summary & Close