Consultative Selling Skills


This is a four module course which will help you gain huge success in your sales career by giving you proven techniques, based on research of the best sales performers, along with a suite of tools and approaches that will enable you to create, explain, communicate and deliver real and lasting value for your customers.

The course includes elements of psychology of why customers buy, why they say ‘yes’ and how to be able to uncover true compelling customer needs and then deliver solutions that will be valued.


This workshop will help new salespeople but will also sharpen the skills and knowledge of even ‘old-hands’.

It draws upon the latest thinking in psychology and the science of persuasion and gives a proven approach for sales calls that get results.


This is a modular Advanced Selling Skills Workshop designed for the way business is done these days.  It draws upon the latest Science on Persuasion and the Psychology of why people buy, as well as how to use online and Social tools to persuade and sell.

People do not like being sold to and yet most of us like to buy.  This course draws upon research that highlights the performance differences between good salespeople and the very best.  It seems most people who excel at selling share many same behaviours and this course draws upon this.

It takes the student through a research based analysis into the habits and practices of truly successful salespeople and shows how to model and replicate those best-practices.

Module 2 explores the psychology of purchasers and precisely what is happening in the customer’s brain.  Why do they readily say “yes” to some propositions yet reject others out of hand.  We explore the entire area of Behavioural Economics and the fact that we do not think they way we think we think.

There is also a module on how to communicate compellingly and how to change one’s sales message according to the customer’s preferences so as to become even more compelling.  We also explore the area of Persuasion and discover some of the factors that have been proven to persuade people to say “yes” to us.




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