Professional Selling Skills


This is a two module course.  Module 1 takes you through a proven selling process and gives you opportunities to stop, consider and review the things you are learning and how you can turn them into meaningful content in your sales calls.  Each step will lead seamlessly into the next, with the culmination being succesful closes and the gaining of the business.

Module 2 takes you inside the mind of the customer to understand how they make decisions, the thought processes that lead them to say ‘yes’, how they are persuaded and why they do the things they do.  By the end of module 2 you will have very clear ideas on how to craft sales messages that are compelling and which get results.


If you are a small business person or an entrepreneur, or anyone who needs to sell face-to-face but who has not had formal sales training, this online course is for you.

This course will give you a solid grounding into proven tools, techniques and processes that will enable you to get sales and form solid business relationships with your customers.

If you are new to selling, this course will give you a great start into learning best practices to enable you to close deals and get business.

If you are an ‘old hand’ at the sales game, it will be an invaluable refresher and may help you lose some bad habits.


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