The Sum of it’s Parts – How Conglomerates and multiple BU Businesses can actually leverage value



This book was written for Conglomerates, multi-nationals and  multiple Business Unit or Multi-departmental Businesses.

So often conglomerates and multiple Business Unit enterprises fail to capture the value and synergies that were expected when they merged or formed.

This book takes the reader through a proven series of steps to create Values, Visions, Mission and a commercial ethos which will permeate the organisation and which will resonate with stakeholders.  Every tool and process described in the book is supported by free downloadable resources (tools and templates etc.) which will enable the reader to work through the described processes to get results.

It goes on to show how even large corporations can understand their customer base intimately enough to be able to create and communicate compelling value propositions that get results.

A conglomerate should be far more than the sum of its parts.


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